tisdag 24 november 2009


Om det inte slutar regna snart så kommer jag gå in i en depression!
Jag har börjat uppdatera yr.no så ofta att det är på gränsen till sjukligt.
I morgon samlas hela laget för de sista förberedelserna inför världscuppremiären nästa vecka.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

haha that's what I'm doing too :DD just checking different web-page.. actually checking several, willing to believe only the very best of them :o) I've still got those precious memories from last year with all that snow almost till waist, and frozen highways (and toes), and temp reaching -18 when we stood that night near the town hall (I believe) cheering for Helena.. and children singing, and free hot tea and pepperkakor :S and the feeling of Christmas.. mmmmm.. Oh, I hope you'll have that kind of weather, I really really hope.. /Agne

David Ekholm sa...

It looks as the winter is coming now!

Anonym sa...

holding fingers crossed XX.. and you should really spit 3 times over your left showder just in case :DD (that's what we crazy lithuanians do when we talk before sth happening, just for situation not to change :P)